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Peak Perspective: Flat is the New Up!

“Flat is the New Up!” has been whispered and repeated this past January, regardless of whether you are in real estate equity or credit. Indeed, volumes were down for the most part in 2023, but 2021 and 2022 witnessed such significant activity that increases in compensation became the norm.  Many professionals have received year-end compensation communication indicating that annual base and bonuses have likely reached their apex and will not increase further (unless a miracle happens). This is particularly true on the credit side, where transaction volumes have significantly increased over the years, especially in the private, mortgage REIT, or insurance capital segments.

About Peak Perspectives by Highridge Search

We collect information from the field and aggregate it in short memos or comprehensive studies. Our goal is to provide you with the “pulse” of the market on topics such as talent development and retention, compensation, restrictive covenants, new team build-outs, lay-offs, and other human capital trends.
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